Novice Winter Super Series

Novice Winter AAA Super Series Overview

Our Novice Winter Super Series will include a series of 9 Full Ice Games with a series of 10 Skills Sessions. There will be a AAA Super Series of Games for the 2012 and 2011 born players. Teams will be identified through fall skills camps and Minor Hockey and the coaching staff's will assemble their team! If interested in having your player play, please fill out the below form!


For the Skills Sessions, they will work on many individual skills, such as skating, puck control, and scoring as well as other team skills to ensure they are getting a great supplement to their minor hockey skill development, while learning the valuable skills that are paired with decision making in the game of hockey!

In the Full Ice Games, they will get the opportunity to be coached by ECI Spring Coaches and learn different position specific skills, strategies and systems that will give them an edge on their competition and a terrific supplement to their minor hockey development!

The scheduling of the games are designed to avoid conflicts with the players' minor hockey schedules to ensure the players are getting the most ice possible throughout the winter. Depending on the region, the skills sessions will be at different times according to the ice available that does not conflict with minor hockey schedules.

Once the teams are formed, they are encouraged to find more ice that works with everyone's schedule to get together and work on team skills practices. Note, this would be over and above the 20 Hours Ice Included in the registration.

The Program Registration will include:
-9 Full Ice Games
-10 Skills Sessions
-Team Jersey & Socks

NOTE: There are some regions that will have separate registrations for the Skills Sessions and AAA Super Series of Games and where program and prices may differ.


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