Leadership can be described in so many ways. In broader words, it is the action of leading a group of people or an organization.
The most important word in this description is action. A leader is not afraid to take action and does what is needed to inspire or give to those around them. What types of actions can our little leaders take to become a “leader”? 
  • They help their family at home
  • They are involved in their community
  • They raise awareness or funds for important causes
  • They help friends or teachers school
  • They set and chase their goals/dreams
  • They work through difficult situations

Here’s an inspiring story we received recently that featured Caleb Landry, who has checked off a few of the boxes above in his own journey to becoming a Little Leader. 
An Eastern Predators and NB Ice player, Caleb has been part of the East Coast Ice program and has been an exceptional leader on and off the ice. Like many leaders, it all started at home. Caleb willingly helps his family at home in many ways including cooking and cleaning duties in the Kitchen. 
From inside his home, Caleb has also launched his very own initiative to support his hometown. By transforming hockey laces to a colorful variety of bracelets, Caleb was able to sell over 250 units that have allowed him to purchase mittens and warm socks for people who need it during the cold winter months. 
While it is not always easy to take action, Caleb is continuing to conquer his fears and fighting through anxiety, which is never easy and tells us a lot about Caleb and the strength that this young hockey player truly has. In the end, the hard work always pays off, Caleb is not willing to quit and stop pursuing his dreams. Which are quite simply to become the best hockey player he can be, and having the skating ability and speed of Connor McDavid.  
Leadership is a wonderful thing. Such a powerful but yet mysterious trait that some of us come to find within them. We all have this characteristic buried inside each and every one of us and our goal at East Coast Ice is to help our youth discover and develop leadership skills to prepare players for opportunities for education and hockey scholarships in the future. 
If you know a Little Leader that has put an incredible amount of effort to help others on or off the ice and deserve to be recognized for their work, please send us their story at media@eastcoastice.ca . We hope that these stories will help inspire others to take action and discover the leader inside of them. 
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