We are pleased to bring you another inspiring story to highlight another little leader from our East Coast Ice family.
Madelyn DeLong lives and breaths hockey.  So much so, her room is decked out with hockey pictures, mementos, autographed items, UNB hockey hats, and a Team Canada jersey, signed by some of the women’s national hockey team.
Her love for the game began when an older friend introduced her to hockey at the age of five, she started hockey the following season.  Her dedication to the sport has driven her to seek out opportunities to practice and learn.
Madelyn has big plans for her future in hockey, and there’s no doubt that she will achieve each one of her goals through hard work and pushing herself on and off the ice.
That internal drive means that Madelyn likes to compete with herself, every time her skates hit the ice. She always works hard and tries her best.
Madelyn was overjoyed to see Olympian Kendall Coyne Schofield win over the crowd in the all-star fastest skater competition.  And, when it comes to speed, Madelyn also gives it her all!  So much so that her coaches have nicknamed her Madelyn “The Flash” DeLong.
Madelyn recognizes that hockey requires a lot of hard work, and she’s not afraid of that, saying:
‘I always try to get better.  I set goals for myself and I feel very good when I work toward them’.

While Madelyn has knocked a few things off her to-do list this season (the highlight being when she scored in a semi-final shootout, allowing her team to advance and eventually win the tournament) she also is eager to help others develop a love for the game.  She can often be found at the local rink helping her friends learn to skate or on an outdoor ice surface patiently teaching her three-year-old brother how to shoot a puck.
Madelyn is a focused, hard-working individual who is a high achiever, not only in hockey but also in school. In addition to excelling in her academic work, Madelyn works hard to be a good friend and positive role model for other students.  Those efforts were recently recognized by at an awards ceremony at her Elementary school.
So what’s next?
This summer Madelyn is excited for an awesome first season with the Fredericton Flames and ‘eventually, hopefully, the NHL’.
Her love of the game combined with her drive to develop as an individual – on and off the ice – is what makes Madelyn a ‘little leader’.