We are thrilled to have Logan kick things off this year for our Little Leaders Series. There are many reasons why he deserves the recognition, so we’ll share what information we gathered.
The parents and fans all love to watch Logan play. Not because he is the next superstar or anything but mostly due to his love of the game and his teammates. From the dressing room to the ice Logan is all smiles and ready to play each and every game or practice. When another player needs help or motivation, he’s there to support the other player ( even if that means leaving behind the puck).
Logan is also a blessing off the ice
Logan spends some of his spare time helping his adopted mother Nicole at the Kent County Animal Rescue centre. He’s a great sidekick and is a real joy to have around at the animal rescue. They rescue everything from birds, deer, cats, dogs on a weekly basis and his speciality is often to comfort the scared or injured animals. He rocks them to sleep and you can often overhear him talking to them telling them “Everything will be ok”.
This little guy deserves some recognition for the help he’s been giving to his mother in their efforts to help these animals but also for the constant reminder to others about the importance of compassion and community. Even his mother admits that he’s taught her so much about being a caring human being and live happily every day.
Although it might be too soon to say Logan will make it to the NHL, we know that as long as he is on the ice and having fun, he will be happy and probably have a big impact on his teammates and coaches.
The entire team at East Coast Ice would like to congratulate Logan for his efforts and encourage him to continue working hard and helping those in needs. Pets included!