AAA Pee Wee Major Northwest Canadiens
Team Staff

Coach: Marco Ouellette
Address: Grand Falls

Coach: Denis Gervais
Address: Grand Falls

Assistant Coach: Marco Levesque
Address: Grand-Falls

Assistant Coach: Jacques Gervais
Address: Grand-Falls

Manager: Rudy Michaud
Cell #: 477-8956
Address: Drummond

Noah Baker-Tompkins

Maxime Bourgoin

Ty Dickson

Ben Everett

Josh Everett

Kierem Gallagher

Nick Gervais

Alex Godbout

Michael Leech

Kaylan Levesque

Yanic Levesque

Maxime Madore

Jackson McClure

Alexandre Michaud

Carina Ouellette

Maxime Ouellette

Vincent Poitras


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