Little Pros AAA North West Canadiens
Team Staff

Coach: Stephane " Get'er Done " Albert

Assistant Coach: Gilles "Minister of Defense" Sirois

Manager: Sheila " The Punisher " Dee - Sirios
Home #: 553-9879
Work #: 273-3772
Cell #: 477-9552

Trainer: Brian " The Brain " Quirion

Trainer: Eric " The Animal " Cyr

Trainer: Jamie " The Enforcer " Michaud

Assistant Trainer: Nathan "Between The Pipes" Michaud

Assistant Trainer: Alex "Slap Shot" Sirois

Cohen "The Clutch" Adams

Dominik "The Dominator" Albert

Maksim " Maksimus Prime " Albert

Joelle "Joe Minou" Beaulieu

Venessa "Ven Ven" Bouchard

Alexandre " The Little Giant " Caron

Sam "The Man" Cyr

Dawson " The Closer " Goodine

Noah "The Sniper" Guay

Zearan "Smooth Operator " Kennedy

Isaac "Bumblebee " Michaud

Xavier "X - Man" Powers

Blake " The Little Pest " Quirion

Ariauna "The Silent Weapon" Sappier-Nicholas

Hunter "The Destroyer" Sirois

Ashton "The Powder Puff" White

Gavn "The Gavnator" White


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