AAA Atom Major Belledune Storm
Team Staff

Coach: Denis Roy
Cell #: (506)545-5012

Assistant Coach: Alex Couture
Cell #: (506) 226-2415

Assistant Coach: Rodney McCurdy
Cell #: (506) 685-0940

Manager: Tracy Furlotte Maltais
Cell #: (506) 544-6896

Marc Antoine Boudreau

Keith Butler

Liam Chaisson

Jacob Chiasson

Justin Chiasson

Felix Couture

Grayden Daley

Aiden Driscoll

Hayden Hickey

Alexandre Lavoie

Antoni LeBlanc

Anthony Levesque

Logan Mallaley

Frederic Maltais

Kade McCurdy

Hugo McLaughlin

Zachary Roy


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