For the month of December, we caught up with Mark Chambers to talk about his hockey career and coaching philosophies. For those who know and have worked with Mark, he truly deserves to be recognized for his passion and commitment to the game. 
Mark played his entire Minor Hockey in the Petitcodiac/Salisbury Minor Hockey Association. The biggest highlight in his hockey career was winning the Provincial Championship in his final year (Midget A) with his buddies on a team that was not expected to win.
Mark enjoys coaching since hockey has been a lifetime passion of his. As a kid, if he was not playing, he was thinking about playing. He still has the same feeling as an adult which makes sense since he currently coaches, plays, referees and is the President of Minor Hockey in Petitcodiac.
He wants everyone to have a great lasting memory of hockey. Hockey has been everything to him and he doesn’t know where he would be without it. He’s had some amazing coaches that were either his dad’s friends or even his dad himself. They have all made him the man, coach and person that he is today.

Hockey is not all sunshine and buttercups but it teaches you to never give up. I try and make sure I not only teach the players under me about hockey but prepare them for the real world. – Mark Chambers

When he played Midget in Petitcodiac he had a coach named Rae Gillis. He was the best coach he ever played for. He was fair but demanded 110% from his players. They won a lot of games and had a lot of fun. After his minor hockey period, he was lucky enough to coach alongside Gillis for 3 years. The last year he coached for him was before the birth of his son and they won Provincials again – this time as a coach rather than a player. “That feeling was amazing said, Mark. There is no better feeling in the world than seeing the kids you are teaching succeed in the great game of hockey. That makes all of the hard work worthwhile!”
What are some of Marks coaching Philosophies? He’s always been an Effort Coach. He tries to make sure all of the kids know that mistakes happen – it is what you do after the mistake that defines who you are as a hockey player. There is nothing worse than seeing a player make a mistake and then give up. Why give up? Why not fix the mistake? If we all just give up when things go wrong then we will not succeed in hockey or in life.
Mark’s hobbies mostly revolve around his family and sports. In the summer he plays golf with the guys and his son. His daughter is starting to play as well. So he is sure it will become a family event as it was with his family as a kid. They also spend most weekends on the Washademoak Lake. They are seasonal at a campground and spend almost every weekend with family and friends on the water. Mark is a father of two, Bryson who is 11 and plays Peewee and Drew who is 8 and plays Novice 2. He’s been married to his beautiful wife Stacy for 13 years. She has been beside him at the rinks since they met almost 19 years ago when he played Junior C. She is the backbone of their family. With all that he does on and off the ice, she has to pick up a lot of the slack. She is everything to their family. As they all play hockey, she spends the whole winter in a cold arena. Not sure where they would be without her.
The East Coast Ice team would like to thank Mark for the opportunity to share his hockey and coaching experience in our Behind the Bench Series. We highly encourage any other coaches interested in the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences with our fans to send us an email at