Meet Alex, he’s 9 years old and is from Tobique First Nation in New Brunswick.
When thinking of some of the situations that make Alex a candidate for a Little Leader, we had to share a story that was shared with us from his recent tryouts. This is a perfect example of his determination and leadership.
He recently tried out for a team with a lot of his peers and Northwest Canadians teammates, however, unfortunately, was one of the only kids from the group that was not picked for the team. What is important is that Alex quickly acknowledged the reason that he was not chosen for the team. He knew that he didn’t put his best foot forward in tryouts and didn’t work as hard as he could and that was the unfortunate cause for missing his opportunity to play on his desired team and play with most of his friends.
While Alex was understandably disappointed, he didn’t let this outcome define him. He turned his focus on getting better and more importantly becoming a better leader.  He voluntarily asked to help with the Canadian Tire First Shift program to help other kids get into the game he loved. This program and his ability to assist in the practices has allowed him to flourish with the kids and become a role model for them.
Additionally, with the help of his Northwest Canadians teammates, he came up with the idea of a bottle drive to help a young player from Moncton whose season was cut short. In total, the team was able to raise over 700 dollars.
The moral of the story is simple. When one door closes, another one opens and Alex truly did not want to let the outcome of the winters tryouts pull him down. He is working hard and developing his skills and leadership to give it another shot.
We want to encourage Alex to continue in the path that he is in and keep working hard. Alex’s story is just beginning and we know he is going to accomplish some great things during his hockey journey.