I’ll admit it while playing junior hockey, I would dread the early 7 am practices. The disturbing calmness in the dressing room, the emptiness of the rink and the ice cold air on your skin in the morning, were not easy to get used to. However, my parents would remind me that it actually wasn’t anything new. I’ve been practising and playing at these painful hours back in initiation and novice minor hockey. Why was it so hard now a decade later? It also makes you wonder why would anyone want to be active this early in the morning, right?
Of course, the scheduling conflicts with minor hockey communities for the young mites and Junior hockey players juggling jobs and school make it so much easier early in the morning. However, looking beyond hockey, there’s an obnoxious amount of people up at the break of dawn to exercise no matter the sport or goals they are looking to achieve. So what gives?

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Back to my experience. Although these early morning skates seemed like a punishment every time the alarm clock would start screaming, my mindset shifted after taking a few strides on the fresh sheet of ice. The results after practice spoke for themselves, I became more aware in class, had more energy throughout the day and of course, when it came time to call it a night, I slept like a baby.
I would encourage everyone to make an effort to practice or exercise in the morning if given the chance. Although it might be difficult at first, like any habit, they will become a part of your routine and the benefits will show after time.
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